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How to earn 1 lakh Rupees per Month

How to earn 1 lakh Rupees per Month

Today i will tell you, Few ways to earn 1 lakh rupees per month from online.Many people think to do a job, and they wait for the job or they search for the job. These are the Few Methods that you can earn Money Online.
2. Affiliate Marketing 
3. Creating Simple Android apps
4. YouTube

Blogging means creating websites or blogs.
To create a Blog or Website there are two platforms Avaliable.
I) Blogger II) Wordpress

Blogger is free website from Google and provides you free hosting . It can Handle Lakhs of visitors per second and Google takes care of Hosting.
Blogger is As simple as Microsoft word and Html Editor also available in it.
As Google provides Sub-Domain like so you need to add a Custom Domain to the blogger like, you can buy custom Domain around 500 Rs to 1000Rs based upon the website name. After adding Custom Domain to blogger website, website is ready for the writing the posts.

You can choose few Free Templates on Internet for your blog and make the blog Professional. Here no need to pay money except for a Custom Domain

Advantages of Blogger:

Hosting is Free for Life time and it can handle unlimited traffic
(Ex: Websites likes also Hosted on Blogger)
Free Https will be Given.(High security from Google for Free)

Disadvantages of Blogger:
You are Not owner of the website and you can only modify front end Not Back end .
As Hosting is in the hands of Google, if any mistake happens with your blog, Google has the Right to terminate your Blog at any time.
As Back end is in the Hands of Google, so you can’t modify as per your wish and can’t use for the server side execution.
Only Few Templates are available for Blogger.
No Support is provided for blogger.

Word press is a open source website. You need to buy Domain name and Hosting as per your Blog Requirement .Word press is one click set up and you can add required things for your blog

Advantages of Word press:
You are the owner of website and you can modify front end and Back end as well.
You can Drag and Drop the items and write the post simply
Install the Required plug-ins at one click
More Plug-ins are available for the Word press
Support is provided for the Word press.

Disadvantages of Word press:
·         Need to Buy Hosting and important Plug ins as well.
After selecting the platform of Blogger or Word press
Select one topic of your interest to write posts for your Blog
Ex: If you are good at cooking then start a cooking blog, if you are good at playing games then you can start a blog how to play games, you need to start a blog based on your interest.

After choosing your topic, start writing posts on your the Blog. The posts should be High quality and provide value to the visitor and post should be in depth. If the post are having more words and keywords then it will Rank in Google and gives a good traffic to your Blog.

  •        How to write Title of the post.
  •          How to Write H1 Tag (Heading of the Post).
  •          How to Write H2 Tag(Subheading of the post).
  •          How to write the post with Keywords in it.
  •          Write the post or article 500 to 1000 words are above to Rank in the          Google.
  •         Use Images in the posts with alt text name same as Title name.
  •         Use corrects Tags for your posts, Tags are helpful to get your posts in search engines

How keywords helps your post. Suppose you wrote a post on “How to earn 1 lakh rupees per month” and this keyword How to earn 1 lakh rupees per month is written in Title, heading and in the posts with high Quality content then if any visitors searches with the same Keyword then your post comes in the first page of the Google. By that your blog gets huge Traffic.
Write the posts regularly. After writing 10 to 15 Posts of High Quality content. To start earning from your blog, you need to apply for Adsense. Before applying for it read the Terms and conditions of it.
As Adsense says that website should be Min of 6 Months But many people get the approval even before.

After getting approval paste your Adsense code in website/Blog.
As Google gives you a Share of 68% from ads and it takes a cut of 32 %.
Once the payment reaches 10 Dollars in the Adsense, it sends a pin to your address after entering the pin, you need to Upload a scanned document of your Identity. After that it will ask Bank details like A/c Num, IFSC CODE, SWIFT CODE (swift code is for Foreign exchanges) so that You get the payment to your bank account. Once the payment Reached the 100$ threshold automatically amount credited to your account from 21st  to 27th  of the month.

In Adsense also there are two types of Biddings A) CPC and  B) CPM
CPC is cost per click. If one visitor click on one ad .Then only money paid for the ad not for the view.
CPM is cost per mile( 1000 ads) if 1000 visitors see that ad then only money paid for the ad not for the click.
In india CPC  is low compared to countries like USA, UK ,Canada. Because purchasing capacity is more in those countries.
There are High CPC keywords which give you more income at less clicks. But competition is very High. Some Keywords examples are below
1.Insurance $57 CPC
2.Gas/Electricity $53 CPC
3.Mortgage $46 CPC
4.Lottery $45 CPC
5.Loans $43 CPC
6.Lawyer $41 CPC

If you think for low competition then go for low cpc keywords with high search volume, But you need to find the keywords with High search volume with low cpc.Do some Research for the keywords for that use tools like Ahref and  Semrush. Google key word Planner is free Tool.
Once your post or blog ranks for the keywords then you can earn more money with less work.
There are many people in India making 1000$ a day with low CPC  keywords
Ex: A simple math website getting Daily1.7 Million Page views and 1.6 Million Impressions and CTR is 5.13 % then total clicks 87100 and CPC is 0.02$
                                87100*0.02$    (CTR = Click Through Rate)
                              =1742$ in a Day   (CPC=Cost Per Click)
Iam providing a video for the reference CLICK HERE
Create Green Content that works for long time, if you write the posts for the current trend later it may not be useful , if you write for the posts for the ever green topics then it will pay you as recurring income in long run, or you can write  posts as mixed Trending posts and Green posts
If You start working Continuously for 3 Months then you will definitely make 1 Lakh Rupees per Month, if you leave it you will lose 1 Lakh Rupees per Month.
2. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing means Refering a product or software from the seller to a user and earns a particular commission if the product is sold, commission may be from 1 Rs to 1 Crore Rs also.
To do affiliate marketing you should have a blog or a YouTube channel or you can use Facebook page also and it can be done through E-mail as well.
You can Create Facebook Page when you get the thousand likes or more then start writing the reviews of the product and Promote  them.

If you have a website or blog write about the product in depth and give the affiliate link of the product. When the user buys the product from the link you will get the commission. Suppose if a visitor click on the one product link in Amazon and later buy the product still you will get the commission for the sale. Cookie works for 24 hours

If the website or blog ranks at top, you can get  huge traffic and when 1% of the visitors purchase the product then gets a better commission.
Suppose if you have the YouTube channel at that time you can review the product and give the links in the description, if anyone interested to buy they will click the product links and you will get the commission from it.

There are several affiliate programs are there to join like
In Amazon Affiliate commission is 0.2 % to 10%

In Flipkart Affiliate commission is 0.1% to 11%

In Godaddy affiliate more percentage is given for the Hosting compared to Domains.

In cj Commissions are depends upon the products

In the ShareAsale also commissions are depend on the Products.

Just Signup above and prompt the product and start earning the commissions .Lot of people earning lakhs of rupees from it, you can also earn 1 lakh rupees per month if you start doing it.

3. Creating Simple Android apps

Now a Days 16 to 18 Years Students also creating few android apps and publishing in play store and earning a decent income.
There use few websites like andromo, appsgeyser, thunkable  to create android apps. They add admob ad id and generate the app and download them and upload in the play store.

As the websites  take a commissions from your apps by placing their ads and your ads alternatively, As appsgeyser take 50% revenue from your apps and other andromo and thunkable take a cut of 20%.Read their Terms and conditions before making the android apps or iphone apps.

To get the ads in the android apps or iphone apps we need to register with which is a Google product. After registering with that you need to generate a admob ad units for the apps. Copy ad ids and paste in the android making website, download the apps from the websites and upload in the play store.

To upload apps in the play store you need to pay a one time fee of 25 $ and upload unlimited android apps. To upload your iphone apps you need to have a app store account , for that you need to pay 99$ per Year.
When any one download your app and click on the ads or view your ads, you starts making money from the apps.

If you learn android studio which is the android apps making official way through coding, then you can make the android apps of wish with full flexibility. And no need to pay any commissions for the the app making  websites .
To make android apps from android studio you can use windows pc or a mac book, If your are using the windows pc then Andriod Studio requires a 4 GB Ram.

Download Android Studio for windows 32 bit or 64 bit based on your pc operating system CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
Many people earning 100$ a Day from android apps and if you start doing you can earn 1 lakh rupees per month within a short period of time.

4. YouTube

We Daily use YouTube for the entertainment and Education and many more things. we can make Money as well from YouTube. You need a gmail account  and enter the and create a YouTube channel. Select a unique name for channel and it should be easy to remember.

Shoot the locations or Homemade items, Handmade crafts, or any funny videos, Funny videos of Dogs. Don’t copy others videos. Start uploading videos regularly. Create a valuable videos for the viewers.

Once videos get good watch time then the videos show in recommendations. Then your video will be suggested to others. Apply for the Adsense from YouTube, when Your channel met with 4000 Watch hours and 1000 Subscribers. Then Monetization will be enabled on the channel. Once channel gets the approval then ads start showing on the videos. YouTube will Pay 55% to you and it takes 45% cut. Once it reaches 100$ dollars then amount credited to your bank account.

If you make a video how to make a dosa, this video will be seen by people after several years also. Like his make several videos and they pay the income as recurring income.

A 7 Year boy Ryan started a YouTube channel with their parents. In that channel Ryan play with Toys .Last year Ryan earned more 150 Crores from YouTube and become the brand ambassador for the Toys in Walmart
Here is the YouTube channel of the Ryan’s ToysReview

If a 7 year old boy can do then you can also do that, so open a YouTube channel and start uploading videos and make money with in less time.
With above methods you can earn 1 lakh rupees per month.

Thanks for Reading Have a Nice Day 


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